High-grade sun room

Sun room also known as the glass room, the sun room using glass and metal frame to build the Ming non-traditional building, in order to enjoy the sun, close to the natural intentions. Sun room is natural at home and abroad. Sunshine room is widely used in North China area of Shanghai area of ?? the successful industrial demand based on the use of places and their own needs to design and create, indoor installation can be decorated according to their own favorite. Balcony or rooftop sun room, in the whole room, so visual connectivity is very important. Needs to think about it and build the overall personality to be consistent with the overall color try to be consistent

Strong technology, reliable quality

Our company has strong technical force and reliable quality. We have passed the certification of GB / T9001: 2008 / ISO9001: 2008 standard / GB / T50430: 2007 standard quality management system and got the title of "China Top Ten Door & Window Industry" in 2017; Brand ";" green promotion products "and many other honors.

Annual output up to 300,000 square meters

Shanghai Xinxin Window Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional engaged in various types of high-grade sun room, broken aluminum doors and windows, aluminum composite doors and windows, intelligent system doors and windows, heavy sliding doors, folding doors, steel doors and windows, Aluminum curtain wall, stone curtain wall, steel structure design, development, production, installation as one of the integrated enterprise, its own system of windows and doors brand "Xin Shi;" indoor sliding door brand "Shi Danli." Annual output up to 300,000 square meters

High quality service

"Xin Xin Shi" with persistent pursuit, established a set of modern scientific management system. The company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle to provide our clients with quality services.

Diverse styles of windows and doors

Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum composite doors and windows, intelligent system doors and windows, heavy sliding doors, folding doors, steel doors and so on

Fixed-point processing company

After years of development and innovation, based on the win-win cooperation, we have signed strategic cooperation suppliers with many well-known real estate companies in China. At the same time, we have also been deeply loved by manufacturers such as Jianmei Profile and Conch Profiles, and invited us to become their cooperation Fixed-point processing company.

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From ● immortal heritage

Product quality is the life of the company, and the delivery of satisfactory engineering is the promise of Xinren. “Shizhixin”  always insists on selecting the national famous brand, that is, the  national inspection-free profile, and is committed to creating a  brand-free inspection brand in the industry and customers. Shizhixin  has passed the GB/T9001:2008/ISO9001:2008 standard/GB/T50430:2007  standard quality management system certification.........


Imported raw materials with high-quality European accessories

Skilled and innovative.
“Shizhixin”  attaches great importance to innovation, invests a lot of manpower and  material resources in technology research and development, and  establishes a professional R&D team. Every year, we must hire experts to guide the company. It  is precisely because of this that the technical level of “Zhizhixin”  can maintain its leading position in the industry steadily.


Concentrate on the spirit of German artisans

The variety is complete and the performance is excellent.
“Shizhixin”  adopts internationally advanced complete imported machine equipment,  and has a wide range of door and window systems. It is suitable for  standard systems of different door and window applications, creating an  extremely elegant window appearance…………

Product advantagesConsult immediately

Sound insulation
≥ 40 dB
≥ 4 levels
≥ 4 levels
Wind pressure
  • Sunshine room
  • High-end doors
  • System windows
  • Luxury heavy door
  • Curtain wall series
  • shower room
Brand license

Headquarters will give the franchisee formally issued a franchise business license trademark license to use the franchisee business license to consider the scope of the size of the mandate in the region may enjoy the exclusive brand rights.

Market analysis guidance

The headquarters of the newly joined customers, will be combined with market research and study rules to assist franchisees to conduct market demand analysis and investigation, store value assessment, market competition and other advantages and disadvantages of business elements such as the feasibility analysis to ensure that when the Xin brand successfully entered the segment market.

Image design support

海南福彩Headquarters for the store free store image VI container display and other professional design and supervision of the design and installation of the completion of the new monthly listing or product season, the headquarters will supervise the franchisee to display the store window display and promotion methods adjustment.

Network promotion support

Headquarters will be in the pre-opening network promotion support, to ensure the first time the company's internal information resources and franchisees to share, including network promotion, magazine promotion, industry information. So that the headquarters and franchisees to maintain smooth communication, rapid response and timely completion of the response.

System professional training support

海南福彩Headquarters will provide professional training support before opening, one-on-one professional training, opening day will be arranged to supervise the resident.

Promotional support

The headquarters has a standard and perfect store opening and marketing programs, holiday programs, off-season / season promotions, annual national promotional programs to enhance brand awareness, loyalty, reputation, expand the brand of the country's market share.

Operational service support

Headquarters will be designated professional marketing staff for the franchisee marketing diagnostics, including the market environment competitive products, product categories, price range, promotion of new product development, peer interaction and other factors, timely adjustment of management methods to ensure that each franchise sales performance Improve well.

Opening gift package

海南福彩The headquarters will be provided to each new store opening gift spree, including the brand brochure Guangxuan produced standard uniforms supporting tools.

Sales Rewards Support

海南福彩The headquarters will be for different franchisees, providing different sales support. Including: the goal reached rebate container decoration subsidies and so on.

Annual bonus support

海南福彩Headquarters annual franchisee annual meeting, the franchisee outstanding operating performance will be given different forms of incentives, including high-level team travel training and other outstanding franchisee medals

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中国一流、世界知名的门窗系统品牌引领者 风雨耕耘十三载,锐意进取时之鑫。从一个在马路边经营门窗小门店的一枝独秀,成长为年产量可达30万平方米门窗系统铸造基地的枝繁叶茂。十三年,时之鑫人团结拼搏,开拓进取;十三年,时之鑫人风雨同舟,携手共赢;十三年,时之鑫人创新突破,创造辉煌。 上海时之鑫门窗有限公司创立于2004年,是一家专业从事各类高档阳光房、断桥铝门窗、铝木复合门窗、智能系统门窗、重型推拉门、折叠门、塑钢门窗,玻璃幕墙、铝板幕墙、石材幕墙、钢结构的设计、研发、制作、安装为一体的综合性企业。自有系统门窗品牌“时之鑫”;室内移门品牌“时丹利”。年产量可达30万平方米,其中幕墙年产量12万平方米,门窗年产量18万平方米,努力打造成为中国一流、世界知名的门窗系统铸造基地。




天道酬勤,成功维艰。 从2004年创立以来,面对瞬息万变的市场,时之鑫人秉承“顾客至上,锐意进取”的经营理念,坚持“客户第一”,常怀感恩之心,常思肩上责任,致力打造中国一流、世界知名的门窗系统铸造基地。 一路走来,时之鑫离不开社会各界和合作伙伴的支持与协作,离不开全体时之鑫人上下一心的努力与奋斗。正是因为你们的支持和厚爱,才有了时之鑫今日的成绩!这一切成绩只属于过去,时之鑫人将在更高的平台上重新出发。 回首过去,峥嵘岁月令我们欣慰神驰;展望未来,锦绣前程令我们壮怀激越。时之鑫人将通过脚踏实地的努力,实实在在的付出,一步一个脚印,让我们的企业走得更高更远!

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